Monday, December 27, 2010

What this blog is all about?

What this blog is all about?

Why do I need to go through this blog?
Ans: Food security is one of the biggest problems that many countries are facing now-a-days. The climate changes, urbanization, lack of agricultural land, decreasing fertility of soil and more importantly shortage of proper irrigation for crops. What could be the solution? And the answer is SEED. Yes my friend the seed could be the solution of all problems to a certain extend. HOW? If proper technological and scientific researches are put altogether on the development of seed industry then HYBRID SEEDS thus produced could bear the stress of climate changes, lack of irrigation and other shortcomings plus more nutritional content.
             Hence SEED INDUSTRY holds a brighter scope in close future and you need start now if you really want to make serious growth in your career both economically and socially.

What does it contains for me:

#I am a student?
If you are a student and really want to explore and learn the underrated field of SEED TECHNOLOGY you my friend is at the right place. We at this blog provides you keen insight depth knowledge on the topics concerning AGRICULTURAL & SEED TECHNOLOGY starting from basics to research fields, this blog tries to bring out every aspect concerning to your studies. We can help you out with your projects, internships, problems related to subject, practicals, vocational training and even your job.

#I am entrepreneur?
If you want to set up a SEED PRODUCTION PLANT IN INDIA we can help you from very beginning to last step in this process from minimal quotation for plant to site of the plant, from machinery to latest developments in technology. This blog will make your journey smooth.

     The aim of this blog is to help you in every manner so that you could help us in bringing out an another GREEN REVOLUTION but this time at a big stage. All suggestions and queries are welcome we would love to solve your problems


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