Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 10 agricultural companies in india


SectorSeed Industry
ProductsHigh-yield crop varieties and Hybrid crops
Net Profit (2008-09)Rs. 7,354 lacs


SectorSeed Industry
Business AreasAgri business domestic, Institutional business, International business, contract services
Net Profit (2008-09)Rs. 7,202 lacs (consolidated)

H. J. Heinz

CompanyH. J. Heinz
SectorFood & Dairy Products
Net Income (2008-09)$ 923,072

Advanta India Ltd

CompanyAdvanta India Ltd.
SectorSeed Industry
Business AreasGermplasm and intellectual properties. Sunflower, rice, corn, mustard, cotton, vegetables etc.
Net Profit (Quarter ended on September 30, 2009)Rs. 203.10 lacs

Phalada Agro Research Foundation Ltd.

CompanyPhalada Agro Research Foundation Ltd.
SectorOrganic Agriculture
Business AreasNutritional management, soil conditioning, pest/disease management

Poabs Organic Estates

CompanyPoabs Organic Estates
SectorOrganic Farming
Business AreasTea, coffee (arabica and robusta), inter-crops, organic spices

National Agro Industries

CompanyNational Agro Industries
SectorSeed cum Fertilizer
Business AreasManufacturing seed cum fertilizer drills / planter

DuPont India

CompanyDuPont India
SectorFood and Crop
Business AreasScience based solutions for agricultural products
Net Profit$2,007 million

Rasi Seeds

CompanyRasi Seeds
SectorSeeds & Cotton Indistry
Business AreasCotton, Paddy, Pearl Millet, Maize

ABT Industries (Shakti Group)

CompanyABT Industries
SectorManufacturing and production of agri products
Business AreasFresh fruits and vegetables, ghee, yoghurt, sweetened khoa, mangoes etc.


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