Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Seed Industry includes

The Seed Industry includes:

1. Genetics & Plant breeding:
Breeding is a creation of variation in strength for any seed producing organization. The qualified breeder should have a creative and selective eye towards selecting plants for breeding programmes.

2. Agronomy:
Agronomy is called the “mother of agriculture”. Before release of the new hybrid seeds or varieties, it is mandatory for the seed producers to test the seed for multi location trials. Agronomists also have the opportunity to look after the seed production units.

3. Entomology:
Damage to crop by insect pests is common. The entomologist designs crop-wise admissible insect levels using various crop protection techniques and crop-insect specific control measures.

4. Biotechnology:
Biotechnology has paved the way for the introduction of transgenic crops. Biotechnologists can determine seed quality parameters faster through simpler molecular techniques and Genetic marker studies.

5. Seed Technology:
Seed technologists monitor supply of best quality seeds, production. Quality testing for different parameters like germination, physical purity, and moisture contents are assessed and maintained to certain standard prescribed on the Seed act before final packaging for marketing.

6. Plant Pathology:
Disease is one of the major constraints in getting high yield. Pathologists have a role to take the challenge to find out the feasible solutions.

7. Soil Science:
Students from soil science also have enough opportunity in the seed industry in studying the plant-soil relation and their interactions.


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