Saturday, January 18, 2014

Transform your life with strawberry farming

Year 2013 is here with us and as usual we are making resolutions that will probably remain unfulfilled at the close of the year. From what I have heard, most people are looking for an investment opportunity but they do not know where to start. While we do not claim to possess solutions to your money problems, in this forum, we will give you tips, directions, contacts, trainings and materials that can indeed change your financial status this year.....

We are Entreprenuer Farmers and we wish to demonstrate to you that farming indeed pays. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy! These words are not in vain. Agriculture is indeed the driver of our nations economy, and with witful steps, careful planning and dedication, it can be yours too!

For a start, our main focus is on strawberry farming in Kenya and how it is transforming lives. Strawberry farmers in Kenya are reaping big from their efforts. You may have heard of a lady from Limuru who is minting money out of strawberry farming and related business. Do not doubt it. It is true and you can achieve it too. 

We will show you how, where and who else is making it in strawberry farming in kenya. If you wish to engage in strawberry farming too, we will provide you with high quality strawberry seedlings at a cheap price as well as give you the necessary training to ensure that you too become a part of this succestory defining young entrepreneur farmers!!


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